Tuesday, 22 January 2013

RIM's Blackberry 10 OS Submissions 15000+ Applications Now!

Blackberry10 OS Application Development
A most awaited platform, ‘BlackBerry10 OS’, is going to launch on 30th January 2013. It is expected that this coming OS introduces lots of new features that make users feel amaze. Recently, RIM has also declared that this week the company has received more than 15000 new applications for its imminent BlackBerry10 OS platform in just three days. As we all know, RIM has already launched its Gold SDK tool of BlackBerry10 OS for developers so that they can create some wonderful and excited applications for BlackBerry users.
By looking to a number of applications that developed by different BlackBerry developers around the world, we can say that all the people are eagerly waiting for BlackBerry 10 platform that allow everyone to enjoy a range of features and advantages. The company’s vice President encourages lots of developers to adopt this new platform and create various apps before launching of platform. Across the world, there are lots of people, who have already hire BlackBerry developers to create an application for their BlackBerry10 OS.
If you are also one of those people, who are looking to get an application for BlackBerry 10 OS, hiring an experienced BlackBerry developer is one of the best options for you as he has special expertise to develop applications with wonderful features. No matter whether you are looking to hire BlackBerry game developers or BlackBerry business app developers, you can find professional developers to get your required application.
When RIM officially launched Gold SDKs for Blackberry 10 OS, there were millions of people, who allotted their application development project to BlackBerry developers to get an application very quickly. Developers can find SDKs in various flavors such as Cascades, HTML5, Native, and AIR and can download according to their requirements. RIM is going to launch its wonderful BlackBerry 10 platform for its smart-phones as well as tablet devices so that users will get more comfortable and ultimate experience.
If you are searching for such mobile application development company that has already started developing application for BlackBerry10 OS, Perception System is one of the most popular mobile application development companies that offer Blackberry 10 App Development service. The company has an expert and qualified team of BlackBerry developers, who are capable of developing any application on BlackBerry10 OS platform with required features. The obtainable Gold SDK tool comes with final tools and APIs by which developers can develop social and creative BlackBerry 10 applications.
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