Monday, 1 April 2013

BlackBerry 10’s Twitter and Facebook App Updated with New Features

Twitter & Facebook Blackberry 10 Application development
Recently launched, BlackBerry 10 OS is one of the most popular and biggest OSes in the market that enable users to get a dynamic experience. Gradually, many new applications are introduced for this OS; however, two social networking giants Twitter and Facebook have updated their applications for this OS. These new updates bring lots of changes on both the applications to provide users more innovative and wonderful user-experience. There are many new features that are added in these applications so that users will not get any problem and use this OS comfortably and conveniently.
Donny H, a Blog Manager for the Inside BlackBerry Blog, said “We've added some new features that make it easier for you to stay connected and do more with social media on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone”. Recently, the company also announced that it surpasses more than 100,000 applications for BB10 platform.
After some time in another statement, Martyn Mallick, a Vice President of global alliances and business development, said “Approximately 20 percent of those 100,000 BB10 apps in BlackBerry world app store are Android ports”.
News Features updated on Facebook Application for BB10:
Events: To plan and keep record of events, Facebook has updated this feature for users to make it extremely simple and hassle-free. All the users can view and respond to all the events, create and view posts on the wall, invite their friends, tag their guests, post pictures and more. By this new update, many Facebook users are extremely happy as they can easily manage their events.
Updating Pictures: This new update makes easy for Facebook users to interact with Facebook pictures as users are allowed to add photo tags when they update the Facebook app. Along with it, users can also download pictures and other stuffs on Blackberry 10-based smart-phone (BB Z10).
Share: Now, it becomes extremely easy for BlackBerry 10 users to share their information, which they want to. It is one of the extremely easy points to share their contacts and other information. Apart from this, Facebook users can also share links from Facebook newsfeed to BBM, Facebook, email, Twitter, SMS and more.
Have a look on some new features that are updated on Twitter Application for BB10:
Facility to get more content: Now, Twitter users can also look on pictures, article summaries and other important updates in Tweets.
Your Connect Tab: Users are also able to view interactions in one place such as favorites & mention, new follows and so on.
Added Views: You can also view number of times that a Tweet has been market as favorite.
So these are some new updates that have been added to Facebook and Twitter App for BB10, so users of BB10 can enjoy all these features and have fun. Apart from these, users can also opt for Blackberry 10 application development to get their own app for the platform.

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